TOTEPAY is a merchant card payment service utilising self-contained smart terminals. It allows you to accept credit card payments on the go with real-time authentication and unique cloud-based integration functions. It means that special product functions or custom products are displayed in order that staff can conclude complex transactions with a simple process.

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How they work

Totepay terminals operate in different ways and display different payment procedures based upon the type of venue that has been created. You create the venue by visiting the Venue Manager and adding products or choosing from the various templates available.

Totepay Merchant terminals are used in all locations including:

  • Restaurants where table orders need to be viewed in real-time
  • In-flight sales where authentication can be used in online and offline environments and where goods can be sold for pickup upon arrival at the terminal
  • On board train hosts where sales can be processed and stock availability can be viewed in real-time
  • Ticket issuing & payment processing as well as validation services
  • Voucher processing and sales processing

We have an extensive array of service options some of which mean the hardware can be provided free of charge. If you are looking for a terminal integrated to your existing payment provider you can order now and if you are eligible for free hardware your monthly invoice will reduce to zero.


We can integrate any aspect of our product offering into your existing POS solution. Our merchant terminals instantly report your outstanding orders for settlement by waiter staff. Create your own dashboard now for Free!

It allows you to create your own modular digital menu which is displayed at your venue’s geographical location within the Gourmet app, all Totepay terminals, self service terminals and all other ePOS terminals.

Our unique modular concept means it will also automatically appear in staff POS terminals, mobile POS handsets, and so on. Waiting Staff (including flight attendants and on-board train hosts) can accept, print, acknowledge and deliver food and beverage items to numbered tables or hotel rooms in a cashless and cardless payment environment fully integrated to your existing POS solution.

Built-in Geolocation adds venue IDs on moving locations

Third Party Merchant Integration

We can integrate Totepay terminals to your existing merchant account. We support integration to all existing providers such as First Data, Barclaycard, Worldpay etc.


Speak to our engineers today! You can speak to an engineer in the UK right now on +44 207 193 1413

As software developers we pride ourselves in bespoke operational changes and custom requirements allowing integration to existing third party products. Our updates allow changes to be implemented without any downtime.


Smart Terminals

Our terminals are tailored for instant use in pop-up venues, festivals and bars for immediate credit card processing. You can process a complete card transaction within just a few seconds.

WiFi 4G Mobility

Totepay is not only a credit card merchant terminal – it offers all the features of a fully integrated point of sale system and with WiFi & 4G built-in a perfect mobile platform with single button checkout.

Tailored Contracts

Tailored short term contracts allow your business full flexibility with contract terms as short as 1 month. With access to funds on major currencies within 24hrs and a no-nonsense flat rate starting at 1.69% across all card types and currencies.

Dedicated Support

We understand the importance of choosing the right solution for your business and that’s why we are committed to providing the best customer support available. Our engineers will guide you through custom integration with our cloud based services.

Gourmet Cloud Dashboard

Totepay is powered by the Gourmet Cloud Dashboard. This powerful service allows additional hardware to be added for use at your venue at anytime. In fact there is no limit to the number of terminals that can be supported, and at multiple locations.

For detailed information on the Gourmet Cloud Dashboard visit

Banking Services

With each venue you create you get your very own payment processing platform – this is created within the Manager. You then select when you want your payments to be transferred into your own bank account. This can be set to daily, weekly or monthly you choose! For third party merchant integration funds are transferred to your existing provider in the usual way.

Who are we

Totepay is a brand owned by the AEI Group of companies. Our engineers offer bespoke software solutions for any point of sale requirement. We can deploy on an increasing number of hardware solutions allowing physical style and operational performance to be tailored to an individual or corporate identity. Our modular concept to POS software has led to the creation of possibly the world’s fastest and most responsive software for commercial use.

Supported Currencies

We support virtually all currencies around the world. For a full list see here.