Totepay Card Processing

TOTEPAY is a go-anywhere smart merchant card payment terminal with custom features specifically for the Beauty Salons and self employed hairdressers. It allows you to accept credit card payments on the go with real-time authentication. Take payments in your salon or on the go in clients home.

“Take your terminal with you – where ever you go – It’s the modern way to go”

Sell : print : scan

Accept card payments on the go – with in 4G

1st Class Customer Support

Choose your service level & contact us should you need any support at any time! We’ll help set up your dashboard or create/add product images!

One button touch gets you started!

Ticket Sales: Start a sale
Quick Payment: Manually enter a chargeable amount
Products: Access other categories
Scan: Verify a ticket is valid

Quick access to pinned products and categories

In your venue manager you can add any number of products and ‘pin’ regularly used products to the main screen

Switch to product sales in an instant

Products form one of your categories. You can create any number of categories in your dashboard

Fast access to sub-categories

‘Pin’ regularly used products to the main screen and add options and extras to each product

Process card payments fast

Transact payments as you go and each sale is registered to a transaction ID

Print Receipt

Upon a successful card payment procedure an optional receipt can be printed and/or emailed to the client

Verify vouchers

Custom features automatically appear dependent on the product type you choose in your dashboard

Optional verification functions

API Database Integration for Verification – We can provide database lookup and verify validity of any variable

Create your Dashboard

Dashboard sets the products available on your terminal. Create your products or we can do it all for you