How much do Totepay terminals cost?

The base price for our terminals is charged at GBP30.00 which includes all fundamental services in order to accept virtually all types of payment types in the base currency of your choice. This includes all bank account set up fees. We make additional charges for customisation and extended product offering from the terminal. On primary base currencies funds appear in your account normally the next working day.

Can I change the plan afterward?

Yes, you can always change your plan at any time. You have the flexibility to add further terminals, integrate and add additional features.

Are there any integration limits?

Totepay terminals are all about integration, integration with your product offering, existing POS solution, existing service providers, in fact there are no limits to the integration our service can offer.

Where do terminals operate?

Totepay terminals operate anywhere in the world with or without WiFi or 4G. They are a total solution package for fixed-base retailers, mobile retailers including in-flight, on-train, cruise liners and so on.